Personal Tumblr for Ellen Everett who lives in Los Angeles working as a full time director. Ellen is heavily into photography, with a dose of cosplay, a dash of art, and a sprinkle of everything else in between.

Lots of healthy amounts of Dragonball Z, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Michael Fassbender, X-Men, Space, Photos, Gifs, and various sexy times photos is common place.

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titillatingtubist replied to your post: I bought some Minecraft stuff at Comic…

Oh my god they had torches?!

Yup! They also have a bottom piece that flips out to hang on a wall.

I bought some Minecraft stuff at Comic Con. I had to do a self portrait with them.

I gave Tyler Hoechlin a bottle of Angel’s Envy whiskey and a Glencairn glass as a gift for being an amazing actor at the Fox Booth at San Diego Comic Con.

I ended up snapping the picture of Tyler when he was taking his picture. I was in the front row so if it wasn’t so dark in his, I’m sure you could see me.

At Comic Con I made it on to the NerdHQ Conversation’s for a Cause, it was a Q&A for the new Maze Runner movie. I got to ask Dylan O’Brien a question and you can check out the response I got here. (In cause the time link doesn’t work, I asked my question at 40m 28s)

Getting some food and drink on at the Ascension Cafe by Syfy. Pretty damn cool! #sdcc #ascension

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Yo ballroom 20! #sdcc #ballroom20

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So I think I’m going to get some good photos. #teenwolf #sdcc #ballroom20

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Front and center bitches!! #teenwolf #sdcc #ballroom20 (at Ballroom 20 @ SDCC)

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Pizza selfie #sdcc #selfiecon

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SDCC selfie con has begun!!! #sdcc #selfiecon

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Teen Wolf Panel at Comic Con

Hey calling any eager Teen Wolf fans! I’m looking for fellow fans who are looking to camp out for Ballroom 20 over night tomorrow starting in the afternoon. I want to get up front for the Teen Wolf panel on Thursday and looking for other who want to join in. I’m planning on seeing if you can line up from around noonish and I will need at some point to bounce to check into my hotel room but I’ll be camping out from then on.

If you like to do the same, the more people the better because people can jump in and out of line to eat, do stuff, and hold a spot at the same time. You just gotta make sure you can hold your spot for some amount of time. If you are thinking about it message me! I know some people can’t camp out over night which is fine with me so long as you can Wednesday afternoon and early night and be able to show up early Thursday.

I’ll also be lining up early Friday for the dealers hall for the autographs so if you are going to both, I’m a good buddy to make.

Shaved Ice

↖This person still think’s Darwin’s death was bullshit

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