Personal Tumblr for Ellen Everett who lives in Los Angeles working as a full time director. Ellen is heavily into photography, with a dose of cosplay, a dash of art, and a sprinkle of everything else in between.

Lots of healthy amounts of Dragonball Z, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Michael Fassbender, X-Men, Space, Photos, Gifs, and various sexy times photos is common place.

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Steel and Stone

Mountain trails #griffithpark #mountains #hiking #tiltshift #socal

Run off #griffithpark #hiking #urban #socal

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Roots #griffithpark #hiking #trees #socal #citylife

· citylife · trees · griffithpark · hiking · socal ·

View from the top. #griffithpark #hiking #mountains #clouds #citylife #socal

Hiking! #griffithpark @hiking #socal #mountains #clouds #citylife

titillatingtubist replied to your post: I bought some Minecraft stuff at Comic…

Oh my god they had torches?!

Yup! They also have a bottom piece that flips out to hang on a wall.

I bought some Minecraft stuff at Comic Con. I had to do a self portrait with them.

I gave Tyler Hoechlin a bottle of Angel’s Envy whiskey and a Glencairn glass as a gift for being an amazing actor at the Fox Booth at San Diego Comic Con.

I ended up snapping the picture of Tyler when he was taking his picture. I was in the front row so if it wasn’t so dark in his, I’m sure you could see me.

At Comic Con I made it on to the NerdHQ Conversation’s for a Cause, it was a Q&A for the new Maze Runner movie. I got to ask Dylan O’Brien a question and you can check out the response I got here. (In cause the time link doesn’t work, I asked my question at 40m 28s)

Getting some food and drink on at the Ascension Cafe by Syfy. Pretty damn cool! #sdcc #ascension

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Yo ballroom 20! #sdcc #ballroom20

· ballroom20 · sdcc ·

So I think I’m going to get some good photos. #teenwolf #sdcc #ballroom20

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